Who we are

We care about nature, traditional culture and people.

Kindigo, meaning Korean indigo, is an environment-friendly company (venture enterprise), working to maintain and promote Korean traditional indigo dyeing practice. We strive to inherit natural ways of producing colors, teach and learn about sustainable natural lifestyle, and develop/apply natural indigo's bio-medical(+dermatological) benefits to the life of people today.

Where traditional culture meets the modern world

Korea has a long and unique history of indigo dyeing. We try to protect our heritage from being forgotten and fossilized as a dead tradition. We try to re-introduce the ‘authentic’ Korean natural indigo dyeing and dyed products and embodied cultural knowledge, We try to bring the traditional culture to the modern world, enabling people today to approach natural indigo dyeing easily and meet the value of the sustainable lifestyle. 

We work with indigo masters who have studied and practiced Korean traditional natural dyeing for years to extract colours and produce our textiles and other products. All of our members have attended indigo master training class to learn the authentic, natural Korean indigo dyeing practice. We possess several patents in relation to application of traditional natural indigo dyeing to the modern technology. We develop products for people today using natural indigo dyeing.

Sustainable lifestyle and organic products

Colors of our products are all extracted from nature using the traditional textile dyeing technique, without any chemical ingredients. We do not use any substance harmful to human body, but only use materials from the nature (which are even safe to be eaten!) in our indigo dyeing process. Our products do not irritate sensitive skins, and the soft and cool texture of our products give you a fresh and comfortable feeling through natural materials. Natural indigo dyeing practice we process is one of the most natural natural dyeing - everything produced during the process can be returned to the nature.

Local production

We grow organic indigo plants in our farms in Icheon and Hongcheon, Korea with the help of local farmers. 

We do not use agricultural pesticides or any chemical substances while growing indigo and extracting color from the plants. We often do cooperative work with local, individual artists and craft men/women to make our products. Every stages of our production process is done all by hands -  from growing indigo plants, colour extraction, natural fermentation, dyeing to product making(including sewing, knitting, etc.).

Education and Korean culture experience program

One of our main mission is to teach current and future generation about Korean natural indigo dyeing and sustainable, coexistent lifestyle with nature. We are also keen on provide young people opportunities and platform to learn and experience traditional culture and value. We run various programs in both our workshop/showroom in Seoul and our indigo farm in the countryside. The program includes:

  • natural indigo dyeing one-day class
  • fresh leaf ice-dyeing session (summer)
  • Korean traditional tea ceremony time
  • Korean natural dyeing master class
  • knitting class
  • natural soap making class
  • agritourism at indigo village 

Some of the events and programs are supervised by an English speaking supervisor, as well as the teachers/masters with their expertise. So please contact us if you are not a Korean-speaker but interested in any of our program.

Feel natural indigo

We try to bring nature into the life of contemporary world. By using pure 100% organic indigo and indigo dyes, you can experience medical effects of natural indigo - including anti-microbal effects, sterilizing effects, insect repellent effect, deodorant effect, and relieving effects of febrile skin disease and itching. To learn more about indigo dyeing's efficacy, please read "our heritage" page on this website.

Cooperation and partnership

In order to maintain and develop Korean indigo dyeing culture, Kindigo works with various non-governmental organisations including "Zzokbitnara", Korea Natural Indigo Cooperative Association (natural indigo co-op) and Indigo village "zzokbitmaeul" in Icheon. For our product development and making process, we also cooperate with various individual artists and craft people.

Award and patent


TUV Rheinland certification

ISO9001, ISO4001, venture enterprise accreditation

쪽색소 추출 분리 장치와 기술 (patent No, 10-1581135)

자연발효 쪽염색 장치와 방법 (patent No. 10-1357105)

쑤세미외 속 섬유를 이용한 비누의 제조방법 (technology transfer patent No. 10-0877353, Rural development administration)


Korean traditional art & culture gift contest (2019)

Korea Craft and Design Foundation: Craftweek best spot program (2018)

Startup Expo: vitalization knowledge service the order of merit (the Small and Medium Business Administrator's Prize, 2015)

International Women's Invention Exposition: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Seoul Mayor's Prize (2015)

Excellent community business prize (2014)

Excellent trademark right, the WIPO secretary general's prize (2013)

Tech startup academy: startup competition, gold prize (2012)

Gyeonggi Startup competition excellence award (2012)

G창업프로젝트 유공표창 도지사상 (2012)