We are about nature, traditional culture and people.

Kindigo (Korean indigo) is a natural indigo dyeing studio, working with Korean traditional indigo dyeing practice.

We strive to inherit natural ways of producing colors and to share a sustainable lifestyle.

We develop and apply natural indigo's bio-medical(+dermatological) benefits to the life of people today.

Where Traditional Culture Meets the Modern World

We work with indigo masters who have studied and practiced Korean traditional natural dyeing for 20+ years. All of our members have attended indigo master training class to learn the authentic, natural Korean indigo dyeing practice. We possess several patents in relation to application of traditional natural indigo dyeing to modern technology. We develop products for people today using natural indigo dyeing.

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Sustainable Lifestyle and Organic Products

Colors of our products are extracted and dyed using natural indigo dyeing technique. We do not use any harmful substances, but use materials from nature in the indigo dyeing process. Anything produced during the process can be returned to nature. 

Our products are sustainable and skin-friendly, which do not irritate our body as well as the body of nature. The soft and cool texture of our products give you a fresh and comfortable feeling.

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Indigo Workshops

One of our main missions is to teach future generations about Korean natural indigo dyeing and how to coexist with nature. We are also keen on providing young people opportunities to learn and experience traditional culture. We run various offline programs in the studio and indigo farm, as well as online classes in Youtube/idus.

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Local Production

Korean indigo and many other local plants are grown at KINDIGO'S indigo farm in Gyeonggi-do Icheon and Gangwon-do Hongcheon in Korea. We work with local farmers for organic farming. We often do collaborative work with local artists and craft makers to make our products. Every stage of our production process is done all by hand -  from growing indigo plants, colour extraction, natural fermentation, dyeing to product making(including sewing, knitting, etc.).

Cooperation and Partnership

In order to maintain and develop Korean indigo dyeing culture, we work with various non-governmental organisations including "쪽빛나라 zzokbitnara", Korea Natural Indigo Cooperative Association (한국 천연쪽 협동조합 natural indigo co-op) and Indigo village "어름박골 쪽빛마을 zzokbitmaeul" in Icheon.

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